Edinburgh – A Vibrant Capital City

Scotland is known for its rich culture, history, and medieval towns that are decorated with ancient buildings, castles, and natural beauty. Edinburgh is a popular tourist destination hosting a multitude of festivals (including the world’s biggest arts festival every August ) and possesses a vibrancy that allows individuals to explore all that this region has to offer. Learning about places to visit in Edinburgh can create a fulfilling and memorable experience for the entire family.

The city is bustling and packed with activities for singles, couples, and families interested in adventures from visiting underground caverns and houses to relaxing in its many parks. With the wide variety of architectural, natural, and entertainment activities that are available in the town; there is no need to miss out on fun filled or relaxation opportunities. The town is home to a dormant volcano and other types of beautiful sightseeing options.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

An extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat, can be viewed from the centre of the town and stretches across an extensive piece of land making for an attractive sightseeing opportunity. There is the option of hiking up the volcano to reach the top and enjoy the views of the entire city. It is a natural landmark and visible from many parts of the city. In fact the actual city centre of Edinburgh is quite small so getting lost is unlikely to happen.

A number of modern amenities and shopping markets are available in the city with one of the most appealing being Victoria street. Shoppers can go on a complete exploration of all that the town can provide including a long line of boutiques, markets, and bookshops that offer endless variety. There are a number of food stalls and shops that can be visited providing unique Scottish tastes including various traditional alcoholic beverages.

One of the most popular means of getting around in Edinburgh is to use the public bus service that is efficient and ensures that you reach a travel destination safely. Take the day to explore the town, its entertainment, and food markets while shopping from one modern mall to unique boutiques. The new tram system will allow you to travel from the airport to the city centre. If you want to see an Edinburgh native get flustered just ask them about “the trams”, a highly expensive project that is not universally popular.

Scott monument, Edinburgh

Scott monument, Edinburgh

Be sure to check out the Scott Monument within the Prince’s Street Gardens that as erected as a memorial dedicated to the writer Sir Walter Scott.

The beautiful building is representative of the classic Gothic architecture of its period and provides a striking view of the region where you are able to climb its impressive set of 287 steps. It is a truly impressive design and a must see for those who are interested in visiting the city.

Edinburgh castle is a must see for those who have the opportunity to spend some time in the town and has been described as one of the most iconic structures of this capital. The architecture is believed to date back centuries yet maintains its extensive walls and striking details that add to the Gothic background and rich history of this city.

While the castle is truly impressive from the outside, one is encouraged to take some time to visit and enjoy he multitude of activities that are ongoing inside the building.

Throughout the year Edinburgh showcases a number of festivals that range from science and the arts to classic films. These festivities are often held within the city and includes a number of performers and activities that will have both children and adults thoroughly entertained. Depending on the time of year that you will be visiting, it is a good idea to learn about the festivals that may be running. http://www.edinburghfestivalcity.com/ will guide you through the events.

The capital of Scotland is well recognized for its variety of museums and art galleries displaying a range of historical features. Learn more about the past of the country and the talented artists that adorn the galleries with awe inspiring images and works. Exhibitions are often hosted through the year and can be determined when visiting the city.

Visit the modern and comfortable cocktail bars available and enjoy many of the traditional beverages that are available. One can simply relax and sip on a cocktail in the latest restaurant settings that make for a relaxing and pleasant night out. There are many eateries that offer traditional dishes to ensure that you experience the tastes of Scotland.

With all to do in Edinburgh, friends and family will certainly create memories and unique experiences. From the breathtaking historical castles and monuments to modern galleries and a volcano spanning across the city, there are plenty reasons to visit the capital of Scotland.

Glasgow – The Friendly City

Glasgow being the largest city in Scotland, and the third largest in the United Kingdom, has a high population density. It is situated on the River Clyde in the country’s West Central Lowlands. The locals, known as Glaswegians are famous for their warm welcome and willingness to help and chat with visitors. You may find them a bunch of blethers (chatterboxes) but they will likely be your most fondly remembered feature of the city.

Glasgow has numerous attractions so we’ll give you the lowdown on one or two to whet your appetite.

TheLighthouse in GlasgowClose to the city centre The Lighthouse well hidden away off the Buchanan Street. It makes Glasgow visits worthwhile. As a bonus, entry is free. It houses Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture and there is a permanent Charles RennieĀ  Mackintosh exhibition. There is a viewing platform on the sixth floor. You can also have an ecstatic phenomenal view of the capital from the top of viewing tower.

The Lighthouse also houses numerous gift shops that make a takeaway hamper easier to deal with especially on special calendar days. One can also get souvenirs to commemorate the tour to Scotland`s city.

The Burrell Collection in Pollock Country Park is worthy of a whole day visit. This breaktaking collection of artwork and artefacts never fails to interest. The surrounding woodland also places the beauty inside within a deeper context of the natural beauty just beyond the windows.

From Chinese ceramics to Rodin sculptures this unique collection is rightly world famous. The surrounding Pollok Country Park portrays the green leafy Scottish vegetation. The vast area it occupies makes it an irresistible place for romantic strolls and fair-weather picnics.

Heading back into the city if you are a football fan then a visit to The Scottish Football Museum is worth a visit. Spanning over 140 years of football the rich heritage and contribution of Scotland and Glasgow to the development of the world game is obvious.

Glasgow does have a troubled relationship with football with the rivalry between the its two largest teams sometimes spilling over into violence, but fortunately the museum is housed opn neutral territory at the national stadium, Hampden Park. http://www.scottishfootballmuseum.org.uk/

Wherever you stay in Glasgow you will be assured of friendly and down-to-earth service. This vibrant city offers so much and is also a wonderful base for exploring neighbouring Edinburgh as well as the bonny banks around Loch Lomond.

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